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Below please find links to ALL new properties available acquired through property tax liens. Please note, the redemption date has expired, which means the owner or interested party did not redeem the outstanding taxes. A few reminders below:

* DO NOT confirm that you want a property if you have not done your full due diligence. Please do not call, text, email and waste our time unless you are ready to commit. We understand it is a competitive market, so please only commit to property you 100% want and are prepared to close on. You don’t perform, you won’t get a chance in the future.


** All properties offered on this list are Tax Certificate Assignments. Please contact Anna should you need a tax deed attorney referral.

*** Full balance is due at purchase and signing of agreement.

**** All taxes due are estimated amounts. Please make sure to do your due diligence

***** Properties are excellent for investors, and those interested in property flipping

​​​​​​​****** Off market advantage & more purchaing power

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